Anti-Fake Checking
Please scrape for verification code and check its authenticity if you have any doubt
How to check verification code?
Query steps:
1. Scrape for verification code on the anti-fake stamp of our brand products.
2. Enter verification code for checking its authenticity on the left.
3. The real product will show what you bought is real product of our brand produced by Beijing Charming Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Otherwise, it is fake one.


FEG brand was found by Beijing Charming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the year of 2012, we are exclusive owner of FEG brand in China, its trademark number is 12234781.

What does FEG mean? Many customers ask us this question. FEG means Fast Eyelash Growth. As FEG cosmetics business develops more than 10 years, more and more people know it and love it. FEG cosmetics brand has been quite popular in USA, EU, Japan, South Asia, especially in Vietnam market.

Meanwhile, many copy factories copy our FEG products, the copy ones do harm FEG cosmetics brand and FEG customers as well. As FEG founder and exclusive owner, we have responsibility to let our customers know how to check its authenticity. Our dear customers, let us work together to clear FEG market, keep using original FEG products and make you becoming more charming.

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